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Shy Wolf Sanctuary
Print Project

Shy Wolf Sanctuary is an exotic animal sanctuary that I have been volunteering at for several years and created these works through my time in school as a labor of love for the animals and people there that I care so much about. Using photos of the animals I created original artwork that can be used to memorialize passing of the sanctuary's beloved residents or encourage good people to donate to help keep the sanctuary running. This project will always be near and dear to my heart. All of these works were created using Adobe Photoshop and screenshots of the photoshop files in action is also provided.

Fantasy Crayons
Packaging Project

Fantasy Crayons was a project assigned to me in school to create an original design for a children's crayon box. I came up with the idea of doing this theme because I thought of my own experiences drawing and all the crazy adventures that I could picture and loved drawing on paper. I wanted it to be a fun and inspiring design that would encourage children that they can create anything they set they're mind to. This design was created in using only Adobe Illustrator. With a screenshot of the design in Illustrator and the concept drawing that inspired it.

Pacific Wonders
Web Design Project

Pacific Wonders was a project assigned where we were asked to create a website based off a business that is either real or made up. For this project, I created a website for a fake aquarium. I got the idea for Pacific Wonders because around the time the project was assigned is when I rewatched the movie Dolphin Tale. After see the movie it inspired me to create a website of my own aquarium, so Pacific Wonders was born. The top banner with the aquarium logo is original artwork created through a combination of Adobe Illustrator, and Adobe Photoshop. The rest of the design was made in Adobe Dreamweaver. A screenshot of the project being worked on in Dreamweaver is provided.

Web Design/Multimedia Project

JAS stands for Junior Animators Society. This was a project that involved creating a website and a video. We needed to come up with an idea of a company so I chose a summer camp for up and coming young animators. I created a website, original logo and banner as well as an intro video on the home page. This was a complex project but it was fun to do because it put all my skills to the test. For this project; I used Adobe Illustrator to create the logo; Adobe Photoshop to create the website banner; Adobe Premiere Pro to create the video and Adobe Dreamweaver to put the website together. The top image is the website banner. The one beneath that and to the left is the logo in Adobe Illustrator. To the right is a screenshot of the website homepage. At the bottom is the video. It was certainly a fun project that I won't soon forget.

Go Green
 Environmental Project